Providing Technology and Business Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As your healthcare technology and services partner, we're committed to helping you navigate the crisis. 

Unleash the Power of Your Enterprise Imaging Strategy

Leveraging our image management, workflow, enterprise viewer, and data analytics solutions, we take a unified, patient-centric approach to creating efficiency for your multiple facilities and departments. As your enterprise imaging partner, we bring people, processes, and technology together to help solve your enterprise imaging challenges, so you can continue to focus on your long-term goals.

Manage Patient Demand, Staff, and Flow

Our capacity management solutions help you accurately predict patient demand so you can align resources, optimally schedule staff based on patient acuity needs, and accelerate the patient's journey through your hospital with safe, more cost-efficient care.

Integrated Cath Lab Delivers Continuous Care for Population of One Million

For the Trust, avoiding any interruption to the delivery of patient services is absolutely critical given the escalating demands on hospital services. Because of issues with reliability and efficiency, the Trust began looking for an integrated cath lab to manage the complete peri-procedural workflow of the cath environment. 

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